Serving Santa Rosa & Sonoma County

You know you need insurance. But you have no idea why you need it, how it works or how much you need. And you wonder what will happen if you have a claim. Will the person at the 800 number you called come to help you through the claims procedure? I will do my best to give you enough information so you can make good decisions. I’m also here in Sonoma County so I can help you in person, when you need me.

Are you buying a home? Are you wondering if you pay too much for the insurance you have? Does it seem like your current agent doesn’t care enough to check in every once in a while? Would you just like to have someone review your insurance to make sure you are properly covered? Are you starting a new venture and need coverage for your operations? Do you have assets that you want to protect from a law suit?

With a diversified mix of property, casualty, residential and commercial insurance products, I offer you my time and expertise to handle your questions and concerns.

Contact me and let me earn your business…

You can count on guidance, education and service from me in all aspects of your insurance. You can also rest assured that I am here locally in Sonoma County to help when you need it.