Farm/Country Insurance

As a kid, I spent the school year in the San Fernando Valley – as suburban as you could get. But, I spent all my summers on a ranch in British Columbia. We had horses and cattle and lots of land. I loved being there – especially the horses. I would spend much of my time riding and taking care of the horses.

Farms and Country Properties are unique

They have exposures that aren’t normally seen on a standard lot with a tract home. You may have crops, grapes, farm animals or horses. Each one of these have specialized insurance needs. It is important to have an insurance broker who has knowledge of and affinity with country properties.

Here are some examples of the unique exposures found in farm properties that may not be covered under a standard homeowners policy:

  • A horse you own gets loose and kicks your neighbor.
  • You sell your apples at the local farmers market and someone breaks a tooth biting into one.
  • Your barn catches on fire and has to be rebuilt.
  • You board horses for some extra money and someone is hurt while riding.
  • You trailered your sheep to take them to an event. The trailer is struck by a vehicle and your sheep are injured.
  • Your Kubota is damaged and needs to be repaired.

Your Needs

Because I loved my summers in British Columbia, I’ve made a good effort to know about the special insurance needs of farm and ranch owners. I also make a point of getting to know my clients by visiting their property so I can gather enough information to recommend appropriate coverages. It is a pleasure for me to work with farm and ranch owners or horse owners. Not only do I meet great people, but I also have a chance to walk the land with people who love it.

Please feel free to contact me for a free review of your current policies. I’d love to get to know you and help you determine the best coverage for your circumstances.